Workers’ Party Rally: S’poreans taken for a ride without co-driver

It was unbelievable.

The Workers’ Party’s rally last night at Hougang Central attracted thousands of Singaporeans. Held in an open field, it was a sea of humanity trampling on every blade of grass.

And don’t forget it was a weekday.

It was repeat of the tremendous response in the last Singapore General Election. The young and middle-aged appeared to outnumber the older generation.

I chatted with a man in his fifties who told me he was a civil servant. He said, “PAP has done good things but they are too much. For example, more than 20,000 voters were pushed over to Prime Minister Lee’s GRC constituency. And the opposition in Tanjong Pagar late by a little bit in handing in their nomination forms disqualified.”

The uninitiated would have thought that the huge crowd was because of some celebrity. As a matter of fact, Chee Soon Juan, PAP’s nemesis, was mobbed like a film star at one of his rallies. I witnessed it.

I thought then that the writing was on the wall for the PAP and that the party would have taken note of the desire of Singaporeans to have a voice in Parliament but with characteristic arrogance it dismissed the unprecedented support as just so much noise and fury signifying nothing.

And consistent with its desire to hang onto power at all cost the ruling party introduced a cooling off period in an attempt to blunt support for the opposition.

In the last General Election the government-controlled media played down images showing the incredible support for the opposition but this time round netizens will not allow this to happen again.

The only way the ruling People’s Action Party can save its skin is to accept change, listen to public opinion and introduce political reforms.

(As traffic jams are expected and car parks either full or closed, I advise you to take public transport or cycle.)


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  1. people around me want to vote for the opposition, but still have the fear factor that ballot paper are marked. Need this to be clarify and assures again and again through press, radio, TV or all media …..

    • Govt had said your vote is secret, and they will be held to account. More than 30 odd per cent voted against the PAP in the last GE don’t forget. Put your fears aside.

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  3. the size reminded me of our recent sarawak election. the polling day eve rally of the oppostions attracted a never witnessed before crowd of 35,000. people were not leaving, as happened before, even when donation boxes were passed around. the scenes were the same for the oppositions rallies the previous nights throughout the urban areas the whole of sarawak. the oppostions captured 13 of the 15 urban seats. a sign of whether your oppositions crowd sizes will convert into votes is the crowds are willing to part with the money for the opposition. our oppositions pact, pakatan rakyat, faced the same dirty tricks your opposition. best of luck to the oppositions of singapore.

    • Terima kasih for your interest in Singapore politics. First of all, tahniah on the Sarawak’s opposition successes. I’ve been to Sarawak, and people have spoken to me about their unhappiness over BN.

  4. Doubtless PAP has build a modern Singapore by the then brave old horses from those colonial days, together with the older generation citizens ( mostly uneducated )who are now in their 90s’, they have sacrificed allot and fight bravely to repute our country as a “precious jewel” with a RED DOT that is recognised world wide, we appreciate and are deeply grateful to them. However, by voting credible & honest opposition candidates (who wants to serve us and whom we can trust ) to the parliament it will definitely NOT “break the system” because we are all Singaporean.
    NOBODY will want the Singapore spirit to fall apart, ALL of us want a peaceful and progressful future and NOT one way traffic plateform. The talented and credible opposition candidates will provide us another traffice to improve and enhance the system and make Singapore a better place to stay ( so that the next generation will continue to build roots in Singapore and stay put , instead of migrating to another countries). “Dont playplay” it is the right time now to vote for the Opposition into our Parliament for the next 5 years to prove themselves their worthiness.

    • Well said and I support you. All decisions made are one-way. With so many yes-men, it’s going to be like that for the next 5 years.

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