Loss of Aljunied: no big deal if PAP ministers ousted

With characteristic arrogance PAP makes the ridiculous assertion that the loss of Aljunied Group Representation (GRC) will make a dent in the quality of government.

The widespread belief among many Singaporeans is that the GRC system of voting is meant to clip the wings of the opposition as it’s not easy to field a group of quality candidates. 

The GRC was simply rammed down the throats of Singaporeans, a feat the ruling party was able to execute given its dominance in Parliament. This is why PAP two-thirds majority has to be broken or else PAP will continue to tweak the Constitution to gain an unfair advantage over the opposition.

Whose fault is it if PAP can’t find people of ministerial calibre? 

PAP is widely seen as high-handed, arrogant and contemptuous of human rights and political freedoms so potential high-quality candidates don’t wish to be associated with its brand name. 

You reap what you sow. By failing to nurture an ecosystem for democracy, a civil and open society, PAP  has put off many talented people. 

The people of Aljunied have a chance to make history. Their decision might have a domino effect on the other GRCs, and put us on the road towards building a truly  democratic  society as envisioned in the National Pledge.

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