Boycott TNP, The New Paper: Straits Times equally biased

Everybody knows the main stream media in Singapore is controlled by the PAP, the ruling party (what doesn’t it control?) You know this culture of control has backfired when your friends tell you they don’t buy the Straits Times or The New Paper (TNP).

Netizens have set up a Facebook group to boycott TNP for its biased coverage of the General Election.

However, The Straits Times has a greater influence. And everybody knows ST is openly pro-government, a mouthpiece of the government in fact.

For example, today ST carries 16 pictures of PAP candidates versus only 7 for the opposition. And most of the pictures are much bigger than those of the opposition.

And ST’s Razor TV features images of PAP candidates daily.

I dare say most people find ST’s coverage of the General Election blatantly unfair and biased as well. The result is that I skip ALL news about the PAP in ALL the newspapers AND on TV.

Including ALL the articles written by ST’s correspondents who comment on the local political landscape. Being employees of ST, they have to toe the official line. They are just wasting their time writing articles that find no readers.

Who wants to read propaganda all the time?

In Vietnam I noticed that hardly anybody reads newspapers. They know that the media is government-controlled and awash with propaganda so why waste time?

State-controlled media has become irrelevant in the age of the Internet and Facebook. For news, The Straits Times is at the bottom of the pile as far as I am concerned. No point getting irritated and have your day spoilt, right?


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  2. And ST’s forum page today was filled with pro-PAP letters, either praising their “track record” or raising straw-man arguments against the “untested” opposition parties…

    Another new low for ST? hahah

    • A lawyer friend pointed out how ST slants the caption to cast doubt on any pro-opposition letters. ST takes us for fools. Boycott ST. All the news online and it’s free.

  3. Good
    Boycott ST
    Boycott TNP
    Facebook group to boycott TNP – how to join this group

  4. As the run-up to the election draws closer and big rallies are on for tonight, I decided to tune in to any local radio station as I was driving home to see if I could get an update–any update–even some passing mention–some oblique reference–on ANYTHING about what’s going on with the campaigns. Sure enough, not a word. Not even any general news (this around 7:15pm or so). Not even one single station across the whole spectrum where anything resembling local news was even being presented in English, never mind news of a more political nature.. So here’s hoping that with the pro-active stance towards print media, the radio airwaves can also be prodded into something besides the current lobotomized condition.

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