Majority not concerned about ministerial pay: SM Goh out of touch

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
– Abraham Lincoln


SM GOH CHOK TONG’s assertion that most people are not concerned about the sky-high ministerial salaries shows two things.

One, he’s out of touch with public opinion along with his party, the PAP. 

Two, the government of Singapore is very rich, thanks to its culture of squeezing the public for every cent.

It’s a human failing. The money is there so why not award yourself, legally of course.

I’ve spoken to many people, and NOBODY, not one, has said PAP ministers deserve their high salaries. I swear to that.

Most said it’s unbelievable that they can earn more than the President of the United States or the Prime Minister of China. 

Only a one-party state is able to brush aside public opinion and award themselves millions in salaries while the man in the street struggles to make ends meet. 

And everybody has noticed the reluctance of former Prime Ministers to quit for good, still hanging around in the Cabinet and continuing to draw millions in salaries from the public purse. For what? Giving speeches, being the Guest of Honor at opening ceremonies and making predictions? And making silly comments at this General Election?

Again, only in a one-party state they can get away with it. This will never happen in England, France, Japan or Hong Kong.

Can you name me one country in the world where this is the practice?

So, if PM Lee steps down, we will have an SM, MM and SMM (senior minister mentor)?



3 Responses to “Majority not concerned about ministerial pay: SM Goh out of touch”

  1. Even if they die, they wont quit and will be called hell minister drawing millions also.

  2. my neighbour thinks they deserve salaries, which this year can add up to 40 months.
    she actually believes these pple will earn more if they went into the private sector!
    i have no idea what she’s popping or smoking…

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