WP deconstructs pillars of government? An absurd notion

K. Shanmugam may have been a top-notched lawyer in the past but as a newbie politician he’s still wet behind the ears.

He accuses the opposition trying to deconstruct the fundamental pillars of the government.

If the pillars are rotten, ugly, useless or obstructive then they need to be demolished, and new ones built.

The pillar of repressive laws needs to be pulled down. Repressive laws are those that prohibit freedom of speech and assembly as set out in the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore.

The pillar of the government-controlled media needs to go too. In a truly democratic society, the government, especially one that brags that it’s a first world government, should give up control of the media. 

The pillar of a one-party state also has to go. An ecosystem needs to be built to encourage the growth of democratic values and a multi-party Parliament.

These are pillars which have enabled the ruling party, the PAP, to emasculate the opposition and to have an iron grip on power for more than 40 years.

We live here, this is our home. Nobody is going to pull down the pillars that keep Singapore going. Any such suggestion is utterly absurd. I haven’t heard anything from the opposition that keeps me awake worrying at night.


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