Battle for Aljunied: vote for opposition

Today’s so-called “cooling day” is politically-motivated. Everyone knows that. “The PAP is still treating us as kindergarten kids,” a retiree, a one-time PAP supporter, said to me.

Last night the crowd at Serangoon Stadium for the Workers’ Party rally was just as tremendous as the party’s other rallies. 

People came from all over Singapore. Those who drove caused a huge congestion. I saw LTA officers taking pictures of cars parked illegally. Even during a General Election, the PAY AND PAY machine never sleeps.

With customary arrogance, PAP dismissed opposition rallies as a carnival which is a massive insult to Singaporeans.

I looked at the faces of my fellow Singaporeans. All looked sombre.

I’m sure each face tells a story. A story of frustration, disillusionment, despair and anger. 

Most sensed they were witnessing history in the making. People are fed up of a repressive and self- serving regime, inflated with its own self-importance and blinded by groupthink. 

Among major Asian economies like Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan this government is the most repressive.

Towards the end of the rally, The Pledge was recited with gusto by the audience. In sharp contrast , The Pledge as recited by Ministers and their MPs at National Day Parade is only a whisper. Unsurprising since the pledge contains the embarrassing words “…to build a democratic society…”.

The Workers’ Party is right. Singaporeans must reclaim their power. 

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