George Yeo reform in PAP: damage control?

The word “reform” as applied to the political landscape is a taboo in the government-controlled media and in government so George Yeo must be applauded for saying he will seek reform in the PAP.

There’s much truth in the adage “There is no smoke without fire”. When people’s concerns are met with a deaf ear from an
arrogant government, anger and resentment is the natural outcome.

I think this deafness is attributable to a don’t rock the boat, over deferential and groupthink mindset  on the part of PAP MPs, ministers and even their followers who blindly acclaim the Emperor’s new clothes.

Naturally, to be offered adulation all the time is an affirmative thing but when the truth is whitewashed, ridicule is the result.

Most people can still remember former PAP MPs  Tan Soo Khoon and Dr Tan Cheng Bok who did not mince their words in their criticism of the government. This is what I call moral courage.

It’s good to be a loyalist, but a blind one is merely a yes-man. 

We will see if George Yeo’s call for reform within PAP is sincere or an attempt at damage control. 

It may be a case of too little too late.

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