George Yeo: reform of PAP but just rhetoric

In the last General Election, the ALJUNIED GRC was hotly contested with Chee Soon Juan, PAP’s nemesis, mobbed like a film star at his rallies. 

The writing was on the wall I felt then as I witnessed scenes of anger against the ruling party. 

Fast forward 5 years, and a replay, but with greater intensity, of popular support for the opposition parties. 

Now George Yeo talks about reforms in the PAP, and promises that the party will take a good hard look at itself.

I asked a thirty something civil servant for his reaction. He said, “Just talk only, rhetoric you know.”

I asked a twenty something gym instructor for his reaction too.

He said, “Can a leopard change its spots?”

 PAP is consistent in its actions ranging from persecution of the opposition and its repressive, bullying and greedy nature.

So people will remain sceptical. As long as certain people remain in the  Singapore Cabinet as the puppet masters, PAP will remain the same.

Treated like kindergarten kids for far too long, Singaporeans are not interested in words but action.

Start with political reforms, a level playing field for all political parties, and an open and free society and a free media.

AND respect for human rights.

An attempt at damage control a day before the General Election will fool no one.

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  2. AND respect for human rights.

    Funny you have to mention that. Just today, there’s this article from CNA, “UN panel praises Singapore for progress made in human rights”.

    Be fair.

    • CNA reports that “there was broad support for strides taken by Singapore on issues ranging from the well-being of women and children, to the promotion of racial and religious harmony.”

      When we talk about human rights it’s more than this, right? 

      You may be misled but not others: “But some countries expressed concern over human rights in Singapore, and urged the country to establish a national institution to deal with the issue.”

      Some Ambassadors urged Singapore to end the death penalty for certain crimes. 

      If you can honestly believe that the human rights situation has improved a lot, then good for you.

      Don’t be too hasty.  Watch for the Council’s report on Tuesday.

  3. Does he know what he is talking about?

    Does George Yeo know what is REFORM?

    Does he know what Reform entails?

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