WP wins Aljunied GRC: salute to Aljunied voters!

To the brave people of Aljunied GRC: I salute you.

You have made history by opening a new chapter. Long thought impregnable, the mighty PAP GRC fortress finally fell. 

You will be the catalyst for change.  Just as a firm has to change to meet the challenges of the competition, PAP is now forced to do the same or sink.

Given the immense pent-up frustration we saw during the GE campaign, I’ve no doubt more GRCs will be captured in GE edition 2016. All we needed was one spark, and you have obliged. Thank you.

Ignore those who issued threats that you’d have five years to regret and repent. You have done absolutely no wrong so there’s nothing to repent. On the contrary, you can walk tall. 

In many people’s eyes, Aljunied residents are the stars of GE 2011.


7 Responses to “WP wins Aljunied GRC: salute to Aljunied voters!”

  1. Walk on, walk on
    With hope in your heart
    You will never walk a-lone
    You never walk alone

  2. In future if my grandchildren ask me whether I did my part to effect change in Aljunied, I will stand tall and tell them, yes I did my part in creating history.

    • The whole of Singapore is proud of people like you. I’m not from
      Aljunied. It’d have been a gloomy day if WP
      had lost. History teaches us that if we want change, we have to
      stand up and be counted. Let’s not be pushed around in future.

  3. I am from Nee Soon GRC and I voted for WP.So have my family members.How I really envious the residents of Aljunied GRC!They have made history by casting their courageous votes.And I admire and salute them!

    If only the residents of my GRC and other GRCs were that brave…….

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