George Yeo quits politics: a gentleman Minister

Netizens are generally sympathetic towards George Yeo in the aftermath of the loss of ALJUNIED GRC. 

They think it’s extraordinary that a nondescript person like TPL can be an MP while GY is out in the cold. Some even call for a bye- election for GY to make a comeback. 

GY is one of the few gentleman
Ministers in the government unlike the rest who act high and mighty as if it’s their entitlement to a ministerial post. 

I hope he won’t take the loss personally as people voted against a party which has become increasingly arrogant and repressive. 

I already knew he’d quit politics following the electoral defeat. Deep in his heart I think he must have felt an unease at some of his party’s repressive policies. 

He has quashed speculation that he’d run for President saying that he lacks the temperament for it for “…I’m a free spirit.”

A free spirit indeed!

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