PAP soul searching: still stuck in 20th century?

PAP stalwarts must be scratching their heads over the Singapore General Election results, edition 2011. 

Why the massive swing to the opposition? Senior Minister Goh Chock Tong put it graphically as a strong current. It’s a good analogy, something I had felt way back in GE 2006 when I attended opposition rallies and noticed the massive support for them.

The reasons for voters’ discontent are many and varied and well publicised so I’ll not bore you with repetition.

But what George Yeo, now former Foreign Minister, said yesterday about being stuck in the 20th century is apt.

While we have been preoccupied, our kids have grown up into young adults. It’s easy to
say that we understand them but I think we are only deceiving ourselves.

The young have developed a whole new culture of music, dance, slang, means of communication, aspirations etc and an outlook on life vastly different from their parents. 

Finger-jabbing and authoritarian politicians are as fashionable as drain-pipe pants. 

If we continue to be stuck in the 20th century while the rest of the world forges ahead, the young will only be bitterly resentful. 

What do they want? Wade into Internet forums, YouTube and Facebook, and you’ll get the general picture. But a word of caution-your name might be mentioned.

Come GE 2016. it might be a tsunami of discontent. 

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  1. They teach students about the ills of ‘single-party states’ in school, and then expect them to vote PAP. Haha.

  2. the results this year were bittersweet…..expected more than 1 GRC to go to the opposition. Thankful for the WP victory though….gives me hope for the future.

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