Review Singapore ministerial pay : a PR exercise?

Many people are not impressed with the choice of Gerard Ee to chair the committee on a review of ministerial pay.

With due respect to Gerard Ee, he is seen as an establishment figure so he won’t be seen as independent. What we need is someone who is seen as truly independent not someone who shares the same bandwidth.

Argue it whichever way you like but Singapore ministerial pay is unjustified, and is widely seen as self-serving and a form of greed.

The argument that only sky-high pay can attract talent has been disproved in the recent General Election with the PAP’s lackluster slate of candidates. In fact, it was scraping the bottom of the barrel.

In countries like Hong Kong, elections are hotly contested even though the pay can’t match our ministerial pay. 

The most satisfying thing about being a politician is the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of millions of people. And there are people who want to make that difference regardless of material rewards. Gandhi, Nelson Mandela are excellent examples.

A sky-high pay can be a double-edged sword for it’s hard to tell if a person is jumping onto the PAP bandwagon for the money or is it out of a sincere desire to serve.

Those who feel a need to be compensated for joining politics must be weeded out. 

Just because Singapore coffers is overflowing with money, please don’t drum up excuses to legally help yourself to some of it. Even one cent is public money. 

As a custodian of public money, you must be more responsible and transparent.

3 Responses to “Review Singapore ministerial pay : a PR exercise?”

  1. Mr Ee is certainly not an impartial person to chair the committee to review the astronomical ministerial salaries, as he is an establishment man, and beholdento them for all his previous appointments. No doubt he will come up with the recommendation to make a token cut, but still leave the ministers with salaries many many times more than what the President of the USA earns. The fact that the ministers are now prepared to face a pay cut show that they agree that their present pay are obscenely too high. That being so, as honourable men they should now willingly give back to our Government i.e to the people of Singapore, the excess which they have previously accepted.

    • Well said. You are right about GERARD EE being beholden to them. He will try to give an impression of impartiality, but Singaporeans will not be fooled as we were fooled in the past by finger-jabbing and bullying politicians.

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