Salary review panel: playing it safe?

No one needs to be surprised by the composition of the salary review panel. Yes, these are all distinguished people but most are widely seen as the establishment types.

Netizens are already pointing out why certain people are actually beholden to the government.

Clearly Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong as acted with caution, the fear of an own goal uppermost in his mind no doubt.

Those who expect any drastic changes to the controversial ministerial salaries (highest on planet Earth) will be disappointed. 

A token cut here and there, and further reinforcement of the government long-held view on the need for sky-high ministerial salaries will be on the cards.

In short, a public relations exercise to assuage public outrage. But make no mistake. We will not be easily fooled.

True, no one expects office holders to be paid a pittance but neither should they be asking for a King’s ransom. 

Some may decry this cynicism. But remember all ruling parties are self-serving, and bent on perpetuating their rule. 

And the ruling party here is very consistent in this respect. 

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