Dr Tan Cheng Bock may run for President: go for it!

To tell you the truth, many are not comfortable with the idea of someone allied to the PAP as President of Singapore. 

If I had said this earlier, this would have been rubbished by PAP supporters who are typically Yes-men. 

But now former Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Lim Boon Heng, has said that “Singaporeans might prefer a President who is not so closely linked to the People’s Action Party” (TODAY, May 30).

In Parliament, PAP wants to capture every seat, and for the Presidency it wants its own man or someone closely linked to it.

That the PAP is in control of many things in Singapore is a fact, ranging from the media to the unions. 

So the last thing people want to see is another President close to the PAP.

Any President closely linked to the PAP can never be seen as independent as he is beholden to the ruling party for their support. 

One of the few former PAP MPs whom I have respect for is Dr Tan Cheng Bock. He had the guts and moral courage to speak his mind in Parliament, and did not mince his words unlike the rest who preferred to be cheer leaders.

Given the sour mood of the electorate, any candidate endorsed by the PAP will get a rebuff. 

We need a President who’s not only independent but courageous enough to ask questions regarding our very substantial reserves which belong to every citizen not the ruling party.

It’s good of Dr Tan Cheng Bock to step forward to contest the Presidential Election. I hope other qualified Singaporeans will step forward too. 

It’d be a extraordinary if the election is another walkover for the third time.


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  2. In the Singapore context really how many elite Singaporean would even think of considering themselves for elected President. The thinking is even if you have stated you are not initially eventually you be “forced” to in one way or another. There is a local saying “kar chung kneo” literally translated “backside itchy”.

    • In any other country such an election would be hotly contested. Here the govt talks grandly about how every citizen should contribute in whatever way they can but the sad fact is that they have given politics a bad name. That was why they were scraping the bottom of the barrel in recruiting people for GE 2011.

  3. Looks like Lim Boon Heng trying to make it difficult for Dr,. Tan Cheng Bock to stand for President by saying “My sense is that people would prefer if there were someone who can be a strong unifying symbol for Singaporeans, who’s not so closely related to the PAP.” Dirty trick in the making.

  4. You have a point there. TCB carries with him the PAP baggage it has to be admitted.

  5. I won’t be surprised that they have already a name (endorsed by PAP) ready if current President decided not to stand again and a election is held.

  6. What LBH is saying is really strange. How can he put down a fellow colleague like this. My respect for him has gone down a couple of notches. Personally, I think Mr. Tan Cheng Bock is very suitable as a candidate – he knows how the PAP machine runs, is a man of principles, dares to speak out if he thinks something is wrong. A good balance. We do not want a total “Yes” man or someone who just oppose for the sake of opposing.
    President Ong was the best man we had (salute, salute,salute) – but the timing was against him. I will vote for Mr. Tan Cheng Bock if he stands for election today.

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