Democracy in Singapore: a superior form of democracy?

The hero-worshipping Straits Times which tends to heap effusive praise on the ruling party, The People’s Action Party, once again runs true to form. 

An article by its China correspondent:  (according to an article in) “…the influential Nanfengchuang magazine… Singapore has a democracy, and it is quite a superior form of democracy.” (ST, June 1)

Now I usually give articles by Straits Times’ political correspondents a miss as they have to toe the official line, and are invariably biased.

While the report points out the strict control over the media here, it omits any mention of severe curbs on freedom of speech and assembly, and a lack of respect for human rights, all hallmarks of democracy.

Why ST persists in seeing its readers as gullible fools  I fail to understand.

Anyway, its consistency in praising the ruling party is truly impressive.

But it’s irritating.

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