Man killed in Ang Mo Kio park: why police patrols missing?

I think most of us are shocked by the senseless and brutal murder of Loo Nam Sheng, 64, at Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West.

Only last year Singaporeans were shocked by the murder of a woman on her way home from the Lantern Festival. Another brazen one was committed in Kallang.

And of course, the most sensational crime last year was the murder of a youth in Downtown East entertainment complex by a youth gang.

The question most people are asking is where are the police patrols?

There is practically zero police presence in public places. You see them only in the papers and on TV at a crime or a road accident scene. 

Or when a minister is on a walkabout.

Why the police adopt such a low profile is a mystery to me. It’s far better to deter and prevent crime than to commit resources to solving them.

When was the last time you saw a police patrol in a public park or HDB estate? On foot I mean, not sitting in a speeding patrol car.

The public expect greater protection from the police. Their primary duty is to uphold law and order, isn’t it?

The Law Minister should seriously look into this very grave matter. Crime may involve serious injuries or death to victims.

The so-called noise issue on festive occasions like Thaipusam (the minister issued a stern warning over this) pales in comparison.

If the men in blue prefer a low profile, over time respect for them will be eroded. 


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  1. As a NSman in the SPF, I can vouch that the police do in fact engage in regular foot patrols around neighborhoods and public areas. This is supplemented by motor patrols to increase the range of patrol given limited resources. Over the past 5 years, police presence has been increased through the utilization of the SOC and TransCom to patrol public areas including MRT stations, entertainment outlets and high value installations.

    Of course, the level of police presence could be increased substantially but this would require a significantly larger budget. I believe what the SPF provides currently is adequate and I would not want to pay higher taxes to have a more visible police force. This is just my personal opinion, I acknowledge that different people would want their taxes allocated differently.

    Additionally, we need to acknowledge the importance of personnel deployment given limited resources. Police personnel should provide police presence in areas with the highest likelihood of serious crime. The police cannot be everywhere, all the time. If maximum crime deterrence could be provided through patrolling parks and shopping malls, then great! My reservist will feel like a holiday.

    • Thanks for the reassurance but police patrols are a rarity. I do see patrols on trains and MRT stations though. I’ll carry out an
      experiment to verify the number of patrols I have seen, beginning today. Apart from driving, I also bike so that means I move around a lot. I’ll keep a log for one week.

  2. I have not seen any police patrols in a very long time…

    Maybe we are “spoilt” by scenes of HK cops constantly walking the beat in TV dramas…

    But if they can do it in HK, why can’t we have it here?

  3. I have not seem any police patrolling on foot since i have moved from my old estate in Eunos to Sengkang. It is now the common sight when we see police, means a crime has already being committed.

  4. I have not seen any police on foot patrol in Eunos, having stayed here for the past 30 years. They even convert the police post at block 9 to a part time police post, opening only during the day time. The only time I see police on foot is when there were crimes involved or when they were on their way to the block 4 hawker center.

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