Nathan: not decided whether to run again? Oh no!

Reading President Nathan’s comments about the realities of the Elected Presidency confirms what many have already suspected. 

The EP is just a figurehead or a puppet in the eyes of more critical people. 

True to its penchant for controlling everything, the ruling party PAP with its two-thirds majority in Parliament  drew up the rules to curb any over enthusiastic President from asking too many questions about our reserves. 

For example, what exactly is the size of our reserves? Keeping this a top secret invites speculation and conspiracy theories. Is the government hiding something  many people are asking.

Even in matters of granting a clemency, the President has to adhere to the advice of the cabinet.

So can you blame people for  the ridicule and disgust they have for an excessively overpaid President (4 million a year or $16000 A DAY)?

Asked about the EP candidates, a retiree said curtly, “All PAP men”.


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  1. Asked about the EP candidates, a retiree said curtly, “All PAP men”.
    Curious question: Why do people even bother to vote in a wayang electoral process that involves zero real choice?

    For instance, based on the recent General Elections, even if one were to queue up to cast a deliberately spoilt vote, one’s markings (be these officially-unapproved symbols, faint chicken-scratches, curses/ profanities, etc.) are often arbitrarily decided by state-appointed counting chiefs as indication of support for a certain favoured party or candidate. Ref: Various examples as related by volunteer (non-civil service) counting agents at LINK1, LINK2.

    I wouldn’t even trudge to the voting centre to cast a blank vote — this might very well be cleverly interpreted on my behalf as faithful support for the oh-so-wonderful status quo.

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