Man killed in Ang Mo Kio Park: SPF, restore police patrols

Since my last post about the murder in Ang Mo Kio Park, I set myself the task of observing how many police patrols I could see in one week.

During the past week, I travelled by MRT and on bicycle and drove as well. 

From packed shopping malls like Suntec City, Little India, HDB estates, MRT, Chinatown, the railway station and park connectors , I did not see a SINGLE police patrol.

All I saw were several patrol cars. 

You cannot fight crime from
behind a desk. Surveillance cameras cannot prevent crime.

Singapore Police Force seems to prefer the reactive approach, reacting to a crime that has been committed.

A better approach in my view is to be proactive, the aim being to deter and prevent crime from
being committed in the first place.

It’s no consolation at all to the loved ones of a victim to learn that the crime has been solved. 

I’d like to stress again that crime occurs because of an opportunity and the belief of the perp that he can get away with it.

SPF should heed public opinion.

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