PAP takes hard look at election results: get to root of problem!

The ruling party, PAP, is taking a hard look at the election results.

They talked about what went right or wrong, the party’s weaknesses and strengths and how they could improve. 

I searched for responses like “be more democratic”, “a level playing field”, “greater political freedoms” and the like.

I was not in the least surprised to find nothing of that sort. These are taboo words so none had the moral courage to utter them. 

Clearly such words are not in the PAP vocabulary.

The root of the problem, as many people have pointed out, lies with the repressive laws against freedom of speech and assembly, disrespect for human rights and a government-controlled media.

As long as PAP persists in a self-denial mode, support for the party will suffer further erosion. Scoff at this at your peril.

Party members and the subservient main stream media tirelessly extol the Emperor’s new clothes but public opinion see things differently. 


4 Responses to “PAP takes hard look at election results: get to root of problem!”

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  2. Perhaps they are searching for a way to solve the problem while avoiding the problem. Their ideal solution…

  3. If they can’t even figure out why they are losing votes, how to believe they can solve Singapore’s problems?
    For example, what is causing the floods in Orchard Road.
    I mean come on, weather patterns can suddenly change over night?
    From flood once every 50 years to flood once every year – in just 12 months?

    PAP must know for a long time that fewer and fewer people were turning up for their General Election rallies.
    The decline did not happen over night.
    But instead of facing up to the problem, they chose to bus in aunties from Community Centres to make up the numbers in the election rallies.

    If they can’t even face up to their own problems, how to believe they can solve OUR problem?

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