Tony Tan as Elected President: PAP-anointed EP candidate?

When not one but three ministers lectured Singaporeans on the realities of the Elected President, I suspected a hidden agenda. 

Now we know. It was to pave the way for former DPM Tony Tan.

Reading between the lines, they are in effect telling us to forget all the talk about Tan Kin Lian and Tan Cheng Bock’s independent outlook because there’s no such thing as an independent EP.

In other words, they merely confirmed what Singaporeans knew all along- the EP is a puppet.

 At least for once Singaporeans, dismissed as daft by the ruling party, have got it right.

Many will not vote for anyone associated with the repressive PAP. And Tony Tan as a former DPM falls under the term “collective responsibility” for his role in setting up a repressive regime that has denied  (for 4 decades) Singaporeans of basic rights like freedom of speech and assembly, a free press, strong democratic institutions and a level playing field.

If a PAP-anointed candidate were to be crowned EP by default for the third time by disqualifying the other two candidates, the anger will be even greater than that in GE 2011.

Anger described as a strong tide by the PAP hierarchy then but more accurately as “palpable” by Tan Cheng Bock.

Taxpayers’ money must be looked after wisely and not squandered. Paying a puppet EP $16,000 A DAY has not only shocked and angered many people but is also highly irresponsible.

If the current administration does not exercise financial prudence, can the public have confidence in them managing our reserves?


6 Responses to “Tony Tan as Elected President: PAP-anointed EP candidate?”

  1. If Tony Tan becomes President.

    Who will run GIC?

    One possibility.
    Merge GIC & Temasek together.

    And Ho Ching will run the merged entity.

  2. Tony Tan’s master move.
    From zero confidence (due to backlash on nathan) to hero confidence (ex-GIC man who knows it all) is just another attempt for PAP to restore the voters’ trust that they have lost.
    Unfortunately, they’re reading the situation wrong again.
    The voters do NOT just want the same status quo. The implicit “advantage” to have Tony is essentially another way to tell us that “He ran GIC, he knows the reserves well. Everything is fine. Let’s move on” = OPQAQUE or Blackhole for another 6 years of EP. We will get a non-answer just as we get his non-answer that he’s PAP-backed.
    It’s not steady steady-handshake agreement!

  3. You are right. Their more than cozy relationship will perpetuate the black hole effect.

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  5. Am I being too simplistic to liken Dr. Tony Tan’s election as President to a scenario of a company where its CFO /CEO is resigning and then seeking re-appointment as the company’s External Auditor. After all, GIC represents a major portion of the nation’s reserve.

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