Politicians pay tribute to President Nathan: will she do the same?


In his post-election press interview Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said we must not forget the older generation whose blood, sweat and toil helped build Singapore.

So, three months after the watershed General Election have there been any concrete actions taken or plans drawn up to help the elderly and needy.

In China, the elderly get 5000 yuan a month, free medical treatment and concessionary travel on buses for just 1 yuan.

Here in Singapore, which possesses one of the largest sovereign funds in the world, the PAP-led government quibbled over a few dollars when it decided to increase the amount given to those on public assistance after a public outcry.

With its customary self-righteousness, it cautioned against cultivating a culture of dependency.

But it had no hesitation in increasing ministerial salaries, already the highest on planet earth, for governing only 700 square km that’s Singapore.


Singapore is what it’s today because of the sweat, toil, hard work and sacrifices of our citizens who are now all senior
citizens, many of whom struggle daily just to stay afloat.

The damning evidence confronts us every where: our senior citizens, some well into their seventies, toil as cleaners, sweepers, buskers, tissue paper salespersons, cardboard collectors from the humble neighborhood coffee shops, swanky shopping malls, hotels to the posh Changi Airport.

Some scavenge in litter bins for food scraps, drink cans, newspapers, magazines, hopefully to sell them for a few cents.

Having travelled in all ASEAN countries and many Asian ones as well, I’ve yet to come across similar circumstances.

Our Ministers, who reward themselves with obscenely high salaries, should hang their heads in shame for having failed the older generation.

The younger generation can expect the same treatment when time catches up with them.


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  1. I just wonder whether LKY gives a damn about all these senior citizens toiling the streets for a few dollars more but long forgotten by our PAP leaders. Even in HK, an equally materialistic society, their destitute senior citizens are not totally forgotten but are given a small ‘fruit allowance’ to make their lifes more tolerable.

    Just as LKY has asked us not to begrudge our Ministers their entitlements, why not on the same token we now ask our PAP ministers not to begrudge our destitute senior citizens their rightful entitlements to a life less miserable. If is not as if our PAP Govt do not have the means, it’s whether people like LKY have the heart to do it.

    • He cares less. Ever heard a kind word from him about the plight of our poor in more than 40 years?

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  3. >>In China, the elderly get ….concessionary travel on buses for just 1 yuan.
    Sorry i beg to differ….the elder get FREE ride..>60yrs old pays 0.5 yuan…the rest 1 yuan and NO DISTANCE FARE

  4. Sick of tributes to Prataman????
    Wait till you experience the tributes for the JINX..provided she finally “step-down”

  5. @ Leong

    It’s consistent with their repressive genes, is it not?

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