Man accused of murder freed: state has to compensate

I may have eggs thrown in my face for jumping the gun or run the risk of being called naive.

In the wake of the stunning acquittal of Mr lsmil Kadar by the Court of Appeal, people are asking whether the government is going to offer some form of compensation.

Mr Ismil Kadar spent six years in prison, two in death row. For a crime he didn’t commit.

Six years of uncertainty and anxiety.
Six years living in fear.
Six years wondering if he would ever see the sky again.
Six years in the shadow of death.

PM Lee must now do the right thing. Before the assembled Ministers, MPs and other VIPs after the watershed General Election, he pledged to build “a just and fair society”.

He has to prove that he meant what he said.

Apart from the issue of compensation, PM Lee cannot choose to remain silent over the “serious lapses” by the police and prosecutors. He has to address public disquiet over the potential for a miscarriage of justice when the overarching aim is to find an accused person guilty at all cost.


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  1. What about the poor old lady who was brutally murdered with her bedridden husband watching and how their family has to live after the trauma? Yes, there was a wrong jugdement but leave a thought for others who were involved. Who is going to compensate the victims?

    • Your opinion seems to be based on the assumption that Ismil Kadar is the murderer, which he isn’t. This is two different matters altogether.

    • Dan, two wrongs don’t make a right. Ismil Kadar is a victim too.

  2. Is it far fetched, under the circumstances, to think that at least ONE of those hanged by Dashan Singh was actually INNOCENT? It’s not Singh’s fault. Those who cannot sleep would be among the judges, police and AG.

    • Not far-fetched at all. The culture of finding an accused guilty at all cost and the bad practice of not showing the evidence to the defense lawyer till the eleventh hour can contribute to a miscarriage of justice. The Cabinet has blood on their hands.

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  4. Now we have Vikram Nair saying as long as he can take care of the 60% who voted for PAP he doesn’t worry about the 40% that did not voted for PAP.

    • Scandalous and a demonstration of PAP’s mediocre choice of people to join their ranks. We have many highly talented Singaporeans, among them top CEOs, captains of industry, top academics, entrepreneurs and so on but none wants to join the PAP team. These people don’t want to be associated with the PAP’s repressive policies. One cent quality for one cent’s worth-that’s what the PAP is getting and it shows.

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