Is this why PAP is losing credibility?

I’ll not reveal the location for fear of the authorities evicting him but rain or shine he’s there (see pic below).

Looking as if he suffers from malnutrition, he struggles to coax some tunes from his battered harmonica.

Kind-hearted passers-by, touched by his pathetic situation, give him a donation.

His plight is replicated across Singapore.

Those of us who are better off buy such unfortunate seniors a meal.

I always make it a point to strike up a conversation with them.

Whenever I ask why they’re still slogging away in menial jobs like cleaners, which is physically demanding, most say they have no choice.

Why aren’t your children supporting you?

This is a tricky and sensitive question. Here, most say their adult children have their own families to support so mum and dad have to fend for themselves.

Poorly educated and ill-informed, most vote PAP because that’s the only party they’ve known all their lives.

But ironically it’s this very party that has failed them.

This failure exposes the hypocrisy of the PAP.

So I’m not in the least surprised its credibility has suffered a massive erosion.

Three months after the General Election, it’s still the same repressive PAP is it not?


A senior busker

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