SMRT SBS fare increase: Pay And Pay, Again

During the General Election, the ruling party PAP sweetened the ground with monetary carrots.

Cash was delivered to citizens’ bank accounts, and even the much hated TV and radio licence was scrapped to much fanfare.

Don’t be fooled cried netizens. After the election the government would take it all back in the form of fee increases, GST and fare hikes.

The government, widely criticised for its stinginess towards the poor and needy, was derided for using public money for an ulterior motive.

Netizens have been proven right. Again.

Now SMRT and SBS Transit are asking for fare increases.

And I have no doubt the Public Transport Council will say yes.

Brace yourself for further increases of all kinds.




3 Responses to “SMRT SBS fare increase: Pay And Pay, Again”

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  2. very sad. the poor become poorer and the rich richer

    • I share your dismay. The poor will be hard hit. When transport cost goes up, COL will follow suit.

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