Tan Jee Say running for President: break PAP monopoly

I applaud Tan Jee Say’s foray into the Presidential Election.

He is the only one among the other candidates who has no ties with the repressive PAP.

No one is fooled. Tony Tan is the PAP-anointed one to be President. But the PAP has to pretend he is independent because in such a climate of hostility towards the ruling party, any PAP-endorsed candidate will suffer from a backlash. Clearly times have changed.

The other candidate whom Singaporeans like is Tan Kin Lian, former NTUC Income chief who helped build up the company into the thriving one it is today.

Everybody knows, even if the PAP government think we have low IQ and consequently daft, that former DPM Tony Tan with his very close links with the PAP top leadership will continue that “special” relationship with the PAP government if he were elected.

Clearly, the PAP government is determined to keep it all in the family.

A vote for Tony Tan is a vote for PAP. And PAP stands for repression as many Singaporeans have gradually realized.

Singaporeans have another chance to break the habit of the PAP controlling everything in Singapore.


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  2. basically, sdp people (present and former) cannot be trusted, ever.

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  4. Tan Jee Say contradicted himself. Yesterday, after collecting his certificate, he spoke to the media and remarked that the Presidential Election is NOT between the “opposition/non-PAP” and “PAP”. Isn’t breaking the monopoly of PAP similar to the dichotomy between “non-PAP” and “PAP”? i prefer to vote for
    Tan Kin Lian as President!!

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