National Day: majulah foreign talent?

Do you sometimes feel as if you are living in a Chinese province in Singapore? With the flood of PRC people everywhere I also feel the same way.

Sumiko Tan of the Sunday Times wrote an article about her experience in Geylang. She was surprised by the overwhelming presence of PRC people there. In fact, Geylang is more Chiinatown than the Chinatown downtown.

Are these PRC people in Geylang you see in the stores, restaurants and eateries just employees or the owners? My instinct tells me they own the businesses, and that is troubling. I have heard accounts of PRC people competing with locals even in the collection of cardboards which poorer Singapore senior citizens do to make ends meet.

This reminds me of the crows in Sri Lanka. I noticed crows everywhere there, from the beaches to the highlands. In their tens of thousands, they rule the skies so smaller birds have been muscled out and are rarely seen.

Apart from food, the chief attraction of Geylang is the street walkers and brothels.. Its “fame” has spread to Johor Bahru and Batam. Customers have a buffet of choices from PRC, Thai, Indian to Vietnamese chicks.

The authorities seem to have lost control of Geylang. After 11 pm, another sort of life takes over the back lanes and lorong.

All this is happening in squeaky clean Singapore? Yes, and the foreign media have long wondered at the oddity.

Having unleashed a flood of foreigners or foreign talent, the PAP government failed to monitor them so they have run wild all over the place.

In the words of Temasek Review Emeritus, the leading social-political
blog in Singapore:” In an interview with National Geographic magazine in December 2009, PAP supreme leader Lee Kuan Yew proclaimed that it is a good thing that Singapore is welcoming so many Chinese immigrants from mainland China as they are harder-driving and harder-striving than Singaporeans.”

In his speech at the swearing-in ceremony of new MPs, PM Lee said,”…we will address the issues preoccupying Singaporeans, such as healthcare, housing and immigration. We will review both the policies and their implementation, as well as our broader approach to tackling these issues.”

Perhaps Prime Minister Lee could go undercover and see the real situation for himself at ground level and not from an ivory tower.


A PRC store: instead of the term “Cashier” you see the Chinese words “shou yin tai”. Welcome to Chinapore!


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  1. Our Leeaders are not at all interested in seeing the “real situation…at ground level and not from an ivory tower.” They’ve been able to stay in that ivory tower for decades, making as much money for themselves and their cronies as they could possibly want; what could possibly induce them to see Chinapore as we ordinary inmates here see it? They’re too busy patting themselves on the back for their “being more clever than everyone else”.

    Karma is a funny thing, however; sooner or later it will run over their dogma, and cleanup is going to be messy. I’m sure they’ll find a way to make sure that they don’t pay any of the price for it, however.

    Here’s an experiment: go around and ask a dozen people at random, and then a dozen of your friends or acquaintances, “do you consider yourself Chinese” (or Malay, or Indian, or whatever lain-lain the person is) “first, or SIngaporean first?” I would be very surprised, based on my own and my friends’ experience, if you get a full handful out of that two dozen who say “Singaporean first”.

    And that is the real problem, isn’t it? If we’re all ‘safely’ tucked away in our own ethno-cultural bubbles, what’s holding Singaporean society as a whole together? Besides main force from The Minister and His Cronies? What happens when The Minister isn’t here anymore?

    Thoughts to ponder as we approach National Day.

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  3. Without these foriegners we cannot punch above our weight, this is the golden words of the great LKY. Look, without these mainland Chinese would Geylang be so internationally famous like never before. Would we have such high level of sexual services with such competitive prices. These PRC are hard driving and hard striving according to our PM and its the absolute truth. The PRC girls are much better than the other nationals as they are willing to anything to please the customer and in fact provide extraordinary services. Recently I even had a fantasy fulfilled when two PRCs talents agreed to provide services together. Now that’s what we call meeting the customer’s needs. Compared to them , our politicians are poor prostitutes.

    • Their contribution to our GDP must be recognized by the PAP, and be honored on NDP next month.

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