Singapore National Day: where are our national flags?


With a week to go before National Day, our HDB heartland should be awash with the national flags fluttering proudly from HDB apartments. Sadly, it’s not the case. And as for cars, I saw only one displaying the flag so far.

Contrast this with the situation in Malaysia. With one month to go before their National Day on 31 August, while vacationing there I spotted many cars proudly displaying their national flag.

Pro-PAP grassroots leaders I’ve read in blogosphere have been so desperate at the snub that they have even hired Bangladeshi workers to put up the flag on HDB apartments in the dead of the night.
I’m not in the least surprised by all this. It clearly reflects the widespread unpopularity of the PAP government.

PAP supporters are quick to remind us that we should distinguish between the country and the ruling party. They have a point here.

But the trouble is that the ruling party controls almost everything in Singapore so the two are indistinguishable.

Well, enjoy your holiday. As for me, I will be in China. Better get used to PRC for soon we will be called Chinapore.


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  1. //PAP supporters are quick to remind us that we should distinguish between the country and the ruling party. They have a point here.//
    Ooohhhhhooohh, have they changed the tune? LKY and the Party have always said they made no apology for “PAP = Govt” and the Govt = PAP”. So now they want us to differentiate it because nobody wants to put up flags…let the quarter millions at the stadium put up the wayang. The only Communist countries I know who still do sing and dance like that are North Korea & Communist China.

  2. “PAP supporters are quick to remind us that we should distinguish between the country and the ruling party. They have a point here.”

    Then why didn’t these very same suppoters remind PAP to do likewise and also distinguish between the govt and the ruling party. Oh, I forget these are just blind supporters.

    These PAp cronies don’t even look themselves at mirror before opening their mouth.

  3. The national flag is a symbol of a country. A country is made up of its people, not the piece of land or its geographical location. When the people are treated as third class citizens, is there any reason to be proud of the country, or to have any patriotic feeling or national fervour for national day. Therefore, it is not surprising that we can’t find many who will voluntarily display the national flags for Aug 9.

  4. Which flag are you referring to? PRC, India, Pinoy, American etc ???? Thought we are still a work in progress, no need to be too patriotic, or gasps!!! right wing !!! I am kind of sick and tired, it does not feel like the S\pore I have known since my birth.

    • Haha, I see your point about the flag thing. Feel the same way; it’s no longer the same old Singapore we have known. Overrun by too many “foreign talent”. Sigh.

      • I agree with you i use to be Proud of our country now…i dont even know if i am living in Singapore or chinapore .why put up the flag when you dont feel you belong here any more thanks to our man in white!

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  6. Previously the TCs used to provide free flags and put up the flags around the estate, however now they put up giant billboards of their MPs in lieu of the national flag, because the PAP=Goverment.

  7. Not only the flags are provided free this year, me woke up early one morning to see
    my block was lined with brand new flags and empty transparent bags, apparently used
    for packing the flags, strewn on the common corridors.
    From the look of it, they were never put up by the residents, nevertheless, me checked
    with some neighbours and they confirmed not having anything to do with the flags.
    Definitely no objection to them putting up the flags, but they should not have littered the

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