National Day: what is there to celebrate?


This giant billboard dwarfing the surrounding building in Geylang Serai stopped me dead in my tracks.

PAP MPs seem to find this form of PR , marketing or whatever you term it as essential.

It must have cost quite a tidy sum to erect such a humongous structure. Wonder who paid for it? Are they engaged in one- upmanship?

Frankly, the extravagance is unnecessary. The state-controlled media can give them all the exposure they want. The money would have been better spent helping the poor and needy.

Judging by the indifference in displaying the national flag on buildings and vehicles, Singaporeans generally scoff at National Day greetings.

“What’s there to celebrate,” a retiree fumed.”We are second- class citizens in our own country!”

Hmm..what if on China’s National Day in October the PRC foreign talent here, lauded by the PAP government as harder-working and harder-striving than the locals, were to put up their national flags all over Singapore? Food for thought.


2 Responses to “National Day: what is there to celebrate?”

  1. My guess is that foreign flags flying around 1 October would get no mention in State media.

    A different, closer country’s flag flying here around 31 August… now that would bring about the next worst thing to a declaration of war, and headlines of “ringleaders of plot to sow division sought” would fill State media for months.

    But then again, hypocrisy is a national virtue here. Or maybe just a “virtue” of this Government.

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