President Nathan: done the best I can. Really?

Car wash places in Johor Bahru (JB) are a great place to meet Malaysians from taxi drivers to cops.

Taxi drivers like their counterparts elsewhere are a great source of information as well as possessing a penchant for politics.

Din was no exception.

Din: i hear you’re about to hold a presidential election.

Me: You’re well- informed.

Din: Oh, it was in the paper. I understand Singaporeans are unhappy with the government. But why you all keep voting for the PAP?

Me: Thanks to the daft 60%

Din; Is it due to fear?

Me: You seem to know a lot about Singapore.

Din: Hey, I worked in
Singapore for 16 years!
Me: 16 years? That’s a long time.

Din: Yes. And I also know your Prime Minister is paid millions. Highest in the world. You know how much Najib, our Prime Minister, is paid?

Me: No idea.

Din: Only 20000 ringgit a month.
And Singapore’s PM
earns even more than President Obama. Crazy.

Me: That is nothing. You know how much our President earns?

Din: How much?

Me: $4 million plus a year or about $16,000 a day.

Din: Really? What does he do to earn so much?

Me: Many believe not much. Just holding babies, cutting ribbons, waving, giving speeches. Actually he has no power at all. Every thing he does has to be approved by the Cabinet.

Din: Just like a puppet?

Me: Many say so too.

Din: Paid 4 million for not doing much?

Me: Ya.That is why people are angry.

Typical scene in Singapore: aged 70 plus uncle working as a cleaner, earning around $800 a month. A shame
Singapore’s Ministers can pay themselves about $10,000 A DAY.


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