PM Lee National Day Speech 2011: another exercise in lip service?

Foreign talent in Geylang: “we continue to welcome talent”

I had been waiting “breathlessly” for PM Lee National Day Speech 2011.

As expected, he spoke about the economy and steps taken to help Singaporeans cope with the rising cost of living. “Overall, government policies have worked”, and “most household have seen incomes rise,” he claimed.

He claimed “we are moderating the flow of foreign workers and immigrants” to make it clear that “Singaporeans come first”. Four months after the General Election what concrete steps has the government taken to meet this target? Supreme Leader had declared that the government would bring in 900,000 foreign talent. So PM Lee’s claim must be taken with a large
pinch of salt.

“Let us not turn negative on foreigners,” PM Lee cautioned. We are not against foreign talent per se but against the liberal immigration policies which opened the floodgates for foreigners to overwhelm the locals in their huge numbers, causing social problems, depressing wages and competing with the locals for jobs.

Singaporeans first? Again, tell us exactly what concrete measure have been taken.

“A new generation of Singaporeans want more alternative voices, and more debate on issues affecting them.” He said he welcomed that.

At the swearing-in ceremony of new MPs after the General Election, PM Lee said,”More interest groups and alternative views have emerged, competing for support. Our political system can and must accommodate more views, more debate and more participation.”

But when “interest groups” gathered at Starbucks to sip coffee PEACEFULLY, the police showed up.

If PM Lee is really sincere about this, he should have the moral courage and intellectual integrity to do the right thing-dismantle the repressive laws.

Paying lip service seems to a favorite pastime of the ruling party, the People’s Action Party. But Singaporeans are no longer easily fooled.


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  1. Roger, it’s true that Singaporeans may no longer be easily fooled. But, you know what? The PAP doesn’t care. They only care whether Singaporeans can be easily controlled and used as the PAP’s perpetual money machine. So long as those continue, nothing will change until The Minister dies.

    And then? Will the wheels come off, or will Junior try to imitate Daddy all by himself?

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