LTA: review foldable bicycle scheme during peak hours

I support calls for the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to review its foldable bicycles restrictions during peak hours. These restrictions are meant to prevent further inconvenience to commuters during peak hours.

But many have pointed out that huge luggage and baby strollers are just as obstructive but why are they allowed during peak hours? In fact, foldable bicycles are smaller than these luggage or baby strollers. In all fairness and for the sake of consistency LTA should also prohibit such equipment on board trains and buses.

Coincidentally, a baby stroller on board the bus I was in yesterday took up half the narrow aisle, causing much inconvenience to passengers. To top it all, a baby was conspicuously missing in the stroller which was filled with shopping stuff instead.

So that’s why those who want to bring their foldable bikes to work are annoyed, even angry, with LTA’s ruling. The virtues of biking as opposed to driving are well known.

LTA should keep up with the times, and support the cycling culture in Singapore.

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