Hawker and MBS dispute over $416,000 jackpot winning: final outome

One of the most amusing stories to have emerged in recent weeks was the dispute between casino giant, Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and a patron who hit the jackpot of $416,000.

MBS claimed there was a machine glitch, offering to award her a car and a sum of money instead but she resolutely refused and hired a lawyer to pursue her case.

It had all the drama worthy of a Mediacorp channel 8 drama serial: friends who stood guard over the jackpot machine, attempts to take photos of the machine but were rebuffed, and the prospect of a court case.

Most people I spoke to roundly  condemned MBS and made derisive comments like “So those who lost can also claim a glitch and get a refund?”

Eventually MBS threw in the towel, and paid the patron, a hawker, the full sum with its reputation tarnished somewhat.

In contrast, the other casino operator, Genting, did not drag their feet when a friend won an equally fabulous sum. 

In a contest of will between a David and Goliath, everyone will cheer for the underdog. In this case, David prevailed.

Shame on you MBS. On deciding which casino to patronize this festive season, there’s no prize for guessing which one I’ll head to.

An important lesson to be learnt from this sorry episode is that the regulatory authority must ensure fair play and protect the patrons. 

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