Singapore Kindness Movement: leading by example not talk

Generally speaking, Singaporeans embrace the virtue of kindness. Of course, there are black sheep.

Singaporeans are prompt in donating for a good cause, to charity or towards  natural disaster relief. 

One of the most powerful ways to foster kindness in people is by setting an example for others to emulate. Ministers, MPs and influential people in society are in a position to do this. 

Government policies, our rules and regulations and laws can also be reflective of a kinder government. Sticking stubbornly to the policy of “the law is the law” and demanding the pound of flesh at all cost is counterproductive towards building a kinder society. 

If the government is sincerely serious about building a kinder society and not mere rhetoric, all levels of government should adopt kindness as one its values alongside those of efficiency, incorruptibility and meritocracy.

Some  issues that lend themselves to greater kindness from government: respect for human rights, abolition of the death penalty and caning, care of the elderly, needy, the poor, the disabled, those with special needs  and so on.

These are some of the more  important issues that should occupy the minds of ministers when they talk about kindness rather than evaluating whether people giving up their seats on the MRT or buses  are indications of kindness. 

Leading by example is the best way to encourage people to be kinder. Let our leaders walk the talk.

On a personal level, each of us should embrace kindness as an important value. Let’s strive to carry out an act of kindness, no matter how small, each day. 


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