Police to boost patrols: no more an “invisible” force?

I was delighted to read that the police will soon boost their presence with greater patrols and CCTV in the heartland.

People have long been puzzled over the absence of a police presence in Singapore, and this has created opportunities for crime to take place. Sitting behind a desk and merely issuing police advisories is no way to fight crime surely. 

Isn’t it far better to deter and prevent crime from being perpetrated than to devote manpower and resources to investigate and solve crime? Families of victims of crime will draw scant comfort in cases where serious or crippling injuries or death are the consequences to be told that the perpetrator or murderer has been arrested.

When I was in Japan I noticed police patrols, on foot and bicycle, day and night. I also noticed police posts all over, even in public parks (our Neighborhood Police Post idea was borrowed from the Japanese). What impressed me was the seriousness with which they did their job, and that they were not merely going through the motion.

With better rapport between the police and citizens, crime can be further reduced, and our kids and loved ones will feel much safer.

Let’s hope the days of an “invisible” police force are over.


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  2. Yes, they will drive around with their sirens at the dead of the night, to rush and buy their Roti Prata, and rush back incase their Encik scold them if the prata becomes cold.

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