Changi pub-owner fined: sign of a thuggish society?

Japanese policeman on bicycle patrol

These days people must be wondering whether our society is becoming disorderly.

Two incidents this week make people worry about their personal safety.

In the first incident, a pub owner attacked a customer in his pub. Taken to court, he was fined $1500. Most people would think this is a very lenient sentence for an assault which could have resulted in serious injuries to the victim. Nothing personal but I share this concern.

In the second incident, a man’s taxi which he had booked was instead “hijacked” by two Caucasians. For his protest, he was punched twice it seems. The police urged him to file a Magistrate’s Complaint to take the matter to court.

These are not isolated incidents but quite common actually. Our society seems to becoming more thuggish nowadays. Even youth gangs care less about fighting in broad daylight and in full view of the public.

Our courts must send a strong signal that thuggish conduct will not be tolerated with a custodial sentence to reflect public disquiet. A small fine invites only derision, and emboldens thuggish behavior.

The law must be changed. The requirement of a Magistrate’s Complaint for such cases should be scrapped so that the police can take swift action against offenders.

That’s why I welcome the plans to boost police presence with stepped up patrols.


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  2. Really? As a Singaporean, I don’t trust our police to do the right thing. And I’m not the only one. Even foreigners think so too.

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