PAP Youth member racist online posting: MSM stumbles again


Days after the story broke in blogosphere (for instance, The Online Citizen, TOC, carried the story), the state-controlled main stream media (MSM) has plucked up the courage to report the controversy.

The reason for MSM’s dragging their feet is known to Singaporeans: the person involved belongs to the ruling People’s Action Party Youth wing (he has since resigned).

Singaporeans are outraged because he made a racist posting on his Facebook. This has the potential to ignite racial conflict in multi-racial and multi-cultural Singapore. I thought I’ve seen everything but I was shocked to be honest.

What disturbs me is that there seems to be a double standard in enforcing the law when the PAP’s camp is involved.

If this controversy had involved a member of an opposition party, the authorities would have been swift to take action with the MSM tripping over themselves to be the first to highlight the story. And some somber-faced Minister would appear on TV to pontificate about the importance of racial harmony etc etc. and to stress that the law is very clear about this.

It’s heartening that PAP leaders have condemned the racist slur against the community.

I offer my sincere apologies to this community, and would like to reassure them that Singaporeans condemn racism whatever form it takes.

Minta ma’af, lah. 


6 Responses to “PAP Youth member racist online posting: MSM stumbles again”

  1. I think there is now a bias against the MSM. Did they literally took “DAYS”? Is it exaggerated? Something we need to ponder about, as netizens, I guess.

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  3. It does not matter what he does now. He must be arrested, charged and jailed. That’s what would have happened to an opposition party or youth member. Justice must be seen to be done.

  4. Now that the MSM has reported and Jason is no longer a YPAP member, would the ISD put him in the same cell as Mas Selamat?

  5. He would be let off with a tap on his wrist because of his association with the YPAP. The SPF would typically drag its feet, as per previous cases involving PAP-related people. Can we ever forget the TPL affair?

    Wong Kan Seng had effectively turned the SPF into a political police whose main interest is guarding the political interest of the govt’s party. We all know how lightning quick it has ALWAYS acted against anything that would even faintly resemble a political act, a NON-PAP one, that is.

    For all you know, many in the ranks of the police are clandestine members of the YPAP and regular party member. The present director of the ISD for example is a brother of the ex-Transport Minister, Raymond Lim. Bet there are a lot more card carrying members or their relatives in the middle and upper hierarchy of the police force.

  6. Me think the reasons why MSM take days is because they are waiting for YPAP to “announce his resignation”, and then they come in to cover the story — which is to put an end to this episode. So don’t even think you will get anything out of this.

    OTOH, the 2nd brewing storm is now on Christian Ratnam. So we’ll see. If they let the above go, then they can’t charge the below too. Both have apologized. Catch 22…

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