NSF man posts text criticising Islam: playing with fire

Those who dismissed the recent incident of a PAP Youth member’s very negative comment about a certain community in Singapore as an isolated case may have to reconsider their views.

This time it involves a National Serviceman making very negative comments about this community’s religion.

Whatever their motivations, be it for self-promotion, cheap publicity, bravado or even strong convictions, making racist and negative comments about another community’s culture and religion is totally unacceptable and should be denounced.

We have a comprehensive law against this. However, the authorities must act swiftly to investigate not only to protect the fabric of our society, but also to dispel the notion that there is a double standard in applying the law. Otherwise, over time there will be cynicism and distrust of the authorities.

I lived through those dark days in the early 1960s when Singapore was wrecked by racial riots. It must not be allowed to happen again. Trust me, you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy.

A small spark can set off a conflagration. So, don’t play with fire.

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