NTA’s action IS shameless price-fixing: CCS, take action

There’s  no doubt in my mind that the call of the National Taxi Association (NTA) to the other taxi operators to follow the lead of ComfortDelGro in adjusting taxi fares is tantamount to price-fixing. 

Businesses which have been fined before, for instance coach operators, modelling  agencies, SISTIC to name just a few, will be watching the controversy closely.

ComfortDelGro increased taxi fares and adjusted the surcharge hours, and the NTA jumped on the bandwagon, urging the rest to follow suit. If this is not tantamount to price-fixing, businesses which have been slapped with hefty fines for price-fixing will cry “Unfair”!

If the Competition  Commission of Singapore (CCS) fails to take any action, a precedent will have been set. Then we may have other associations calling upon their members to increase prices.

All along CCS had relied on documentary evidence to prosecute businesses for price-fixing. Calls by national associations to their members to adjust prices in tandem should also be seen as being culpable.

The public need to be protected.


4 Responses to “NTA’s action IS shameless price-fixing: CCS, take action”

  1. Once again, yet another example of the need for ‘active’ citizenry among Singaporeans, to keep the rampant greed at bay.

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  3. This could also be seen closely as one country two systems. We have had witnessed and documented such double-standard applied in our governtment agencies. The matter will be watched closely across the board. Another good document worth compilin in the next election to shame the systems and those, govt institutions, to think they are above law. Time for PAP to fall on their own knife. If nothing and no acton from CCS, it is akin to endorsing PAP to set fire while curbing pesant from lighting a lamp.

    • We have to be patient as CCS goes about its job very carefully and quietly. However, action it must take if not other national associations will simply walk over it. Consumers need protection from corporate greed, the reason why CCS was set up. Its action against the coach operators impressed me, and I’m confident it will take action in this case as well.

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