New Causeway toll: unfair, boycott JB

The Causeway is seen as a cash cow by both the Singapore and Johor authorities. 

Now the cash cow is getting fatter. From next year, returning motorists from JB will have to pay a toll. 

This is to pay for the new highway linking the Causeway to the North-South Expressway. 

This is unfair for those who are not heading for the expressway. 

Another reason to boycott JB. 

It seems there was a shortfall of more than a million visitors from Singapore to JB last year. With this latest measure to squeeze motorists, tourism receipts in Johor will fall further.

With  rampant crime and cops constantly targeting SG drivers for “kopi” money, even for the most trivial offences, there’s no compelling reason to go to JB now that you have to fork out more money for the tolls. 

And I bet you, Singapore Immigration
will find an excuse to raise toll. 

And if you think the food at your favourite coffee shop in JB is simply heavenly, next time be more alert and you may spot the resident rats.

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