SMRT increases fare rates: which taxi company to boycott?

It seems commuters voted with their wallets yesterday by avoiding ComfortDelGro taxis. I pity their drivers. This is nothing personal. I know taxi drivers work long hours to earn a decent living but so do most of us.

I will also boycott ComfortDelGro taxis from now on. Sorry, ComfortDelGro taxi drivers. ComfortDelGro has chosen to ignore the current economic uncertainty so it has clearly shown that it lacks corporate responsibility towards society. It is a very profitable company, and remains a top pick with analysts.

Badly hit will be the ordinary wage earners who rely on taxis. The hardest hit will be the elderly, pensioners and the needy who have to travel by taxis for their regular medical appointments.

Elsewhere in the world, the Occupy this and that movement denounces corporate greed. Being law-abiding citizens, thanks to a vigilant government against all forms of opposition, such a movement will not see the light of day in a managed democracy like Singapore’s.

But we can do the reverse: refuse to “occupy” ComfortDelGro taxis i.e. don’t give them your business.

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