Taxi fare hikes: boycott ComfortDelGro and SMRT Taxis

Commuters are justifiably outraged over the taxi fare hikes by ComfortGelGrow and SMRT Taxis. 

ALL businesses, including some government agencies, aim to maximise their profit/revenue whenever possible. Consumers must be vigilant and not allow themselves to be bullied. 

My family and friends have vowed to boycott ComfortDelGro and SMRT cabs. This will hurt their taxi drivers’ earnings for which I’m sorry but consumers have to send a strong signal that given the uncertain economic climate, raising taxi fares is patently irresponsible.

Many have also chafed at the extension of peak hours. Who ever heard of peak hours starting from 6 am, and extended to midnight? This is pure corporate greed!

The nagging doubt is that after the storm of protest has abated, will commuters shrug it off and accept the fare increases and extension of surcharge hours? 

Given the weak consumer movement here, I suspect this is what the taxi companies are thinking. Aha, let them protest but soon things will settle down and we can reap the profit. 

But consumers must stay united. Only when their bottom line is hurt will businesses be more amenable to public opinion. 


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  1. Roger,
    This is the latest example of Singapore State capitalism’s philosophical grounding in the “Thug Defence”. According to that theory, so named after being (unsuccessfully) used by an armed robber acting as his own ottorney. It goes something like this:

    His money and his money and her money wasn’t really their money. Y’see, they were just holding it for me until I decided to take it.

    Or, as Woodie Guthrie sang, “some will rob you with a six-gun, and some with a fountain pen.” Either way, our money is now “their” money. What are we going to do about it?

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