Taxi driver rams 10 cars:   Disappointingly  slow police action

I read with utter incredulity that a taxi driver had the luxury of time to smash into ten vehicles, among them five ComfortDelGro taxis, across Singapore.

All this without being arrested till two hours later. 

The immediate question that most of us will ask is why it took the police so long to arrest the offender. 

What if it had been a terrorist attack? Many of us would have been mowed down in a hail of bullets or blown to bits in an explosion. 

Once again this highlights the anxiety of many people over how tight security really is in Singapore. For instance, SMRT depot was easily breached but it escaped lightly with nothing more than some artistic vandalism on its train.

And of course who can forget the mother of all security blunders: how terrorist mastermind, Mas Selamat, could escape from a detention centre, and how he, though handicapped by a limp, could find his way to Johor.

Like those who were able to sneak into the SMRT depot,  the errant taxi driver has also shown, in a more dramatic fashion, how inadequate our security seems to be.

Perhaps the Home Team should go back to the drawing board and sort things out.

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