3/4 tank rule for CNG cars: welcome to the pay-and-pay club

Owners of CNG cars must have read with dismay that they too have to comply with the 3/4 tank rule should they wish to venture into JB next year.

Now they are offered another perspective of the pay-and-pay culture here, thanks to an ever-vigilant government protective of its revenue stream. 

Singapore motorists are a sorry lot. They pay probably the highest road tax in the world apart from groaning under other revenue-generating schemes like ERP and COE. Only our ministers celebrate as it means they have an excuse of a large GDP to inflate their salaries. 

Even when oil prices went through the roof a few years ago, the government did not give a cent in petrol tax reduction, cautioning against taking the subsidy route. Instead it encouraged motorists to drive less or take public transport. 

This is unsurprising for in all one-party state or one ruled by a strongman , public opinion is casually brushed aside. 

With the prospect of an increase in the Causeway toll by the Malaysian authorities in 2012, ministers here are probably having pleasant dreams of matching their Malaysian counterparts just like the ridiculous exit tax Singapore motorists are forced to pay when LEAVING the country. 

There have been calls to scrap the 3/4 tank rule. Dream on.

If there’s one thing Singapore motorists will never never get to enjoy, it’s a tax holiday. 

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