New Causeway toll: 5 reasons to boycott JB

Once the Malaysian authorities increase the Causeway toll in view of the new expressway linking JB to the North-South Expressway, many motorists will think twice about driving over for the following reasons:

1. Early reports indicate that the new Causeway toll will be about 4 times more. Singapore Immigration will surely not miss the opportunity to increase the exit toll for Singapore motorists as well.

2. Food and drinks at the better shopping malls approach Singapore prices. Backlane offerings are cheaper but scurrying rats in drains are the x-factor.

3. Groceries are no longer cheap, on par with Singapore. Sheng Shiong can even be cheaper.

4.  JB Traffic cops target Singapore motorists to boost their private incomes.

5. Ultra cheap petrol in JB is now history.

People the world over cross borders to seek bargains and we are no different.

And with the perennial traffic congestion at Woodlands Checkpoint, one must be mad to cross over to JB.

All good things must come to an end.


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  1. no matter what negative news you potray about johor in paricular and malaysia in general, Singaporean motorist will still drive up north. If you own you wnat to use your cars in singapore for the whole 10 years of its lifespan?

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