Committee of Inquiry: MRT breakdowns

It seems the regulators/authorities here never learn. They wait until a problem becomes serious enough or the public complain before they take action. 

The problems associated with the recent MRT breakdowns is an example of something waiting to happen. For years  commuters have been complaining about overcrowding on trains and buses.

Again for years everyone knew about Geylang’s reputation as another Hadyai. Seeing that matters have gone out of control the police and immigration have been taking action but it’s a case of too little too late.  

A lack of active policing has given
rise to a culture of thuggish behaviour and many opportunities for crime. Again, on the roads and expressways, the absence of traffic police officers has bred aggressive, dangerous and inconsiderate driving habits. 

You can easily cite other examples. 

It appears that the
regulators/authorities are fearful of making mistakes in taking preemptive actions.  Why bother unless there are complaints?So, when Orchard Road suffered the ignominy of floods the authorities suddenly saw the urgency of some form of action. 

When the Committee of Inquiry into the recent MRT breakdowns has done their job, the government should give serious thought to inquiring whether our transport operators AND they themselves have done enough to prevent a terrorist strike.  The Madrid and London bombings in 2004 and 2005 respectively have clearly shown that transport systems are very vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Indeed, a copy of the MRT map was discovered at a terrorist hideout in Indonesia. 

Or do we have to wait for ANOTHER Committee of Inquiry? 

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