New Causeway toll: a survey of Singapore motorists

To my mind it’s a forgone conclusion that the Malaysian authorities will surely increase the Causeway toll by up to 6 times as some reports suggest. 

I asked my friends who are JB regulars if they’d continue to go if the toll were hiked up. All said no, not worthwhile anymore, JB prices of food, things no longer cheap, absurd, unfair and so on.

I’ve no intention of engaging in any Malaysia-bashing. After all, Malaysians are largely friendly and hospitable. This is not the point.

People cross borders (Malaysia-Thailand, Burma-Thailand, Laos–China etc) to seek bargains in goods and services, and when these are no longer cheap, they stop going. 

Another point worth stressing is the principle of fairness. It’s only fair that those who make use of services pay for them.

So drivers who use the new highway linking JB CIQ to the North-South Highway as a much faster route pay the new increased toll. This is fair.

But it’s unfair to other motorist who don’t. Ramming down the new Causeway toll down the throats of motorists is therefore grossly unfair.

They think we are suckers.

Anyway, terima kasih for the good times.

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