Jailed for commercial sex: the law has no common sense?

Four months jail for having commercial sex with an underage Vietnamese girl? To my mind, this is absurd. 

She came with the single-minded purpose of prostituting herself. The customer did not coerce her in any way. Besides, she lied about her age. 

In prostitution there is no victim unless the female was forced into it. 

And for this the customer was jailed four months. Extraordinary.  

In another similar case, a man was jailed nine months for also having sex with an underage Vietnamese girl in Geylang, the Hadyai of Singapore. 

If a driver knocks down and kills a pedestrian, his driving licence is suspended for a few years. Although a person is deprived of his life forever, it’s classified as an

For instance, a private bus driver killed a construction worker at a signalised junction and was only fined $5000 and banned from
driving for three years. There have been too many of such accidents, and guilty drivers have got off too lightly. 

Common sense tells you which is worse: unknowingly engaging an underage prostitute or killing a pedestrian through dangerous and reckless driving?

The law should be applied with common sense as well. 

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