Sengkang Library: proper seats, finally


When I stepped into Sengkang Library last night, I thought it was a mirage. Before me were armchairs!

So what you may say. I’ve always voted this library as the worst for its spartan furnishings. Since its opening in 2002, it had provided only hard bench seats and not a single table (lately it saw the need for tables for newspaper reading).

My complaint elicited the extraordinary response that it was a DIY library, probably the only such library in Singapore. Surely, as the only library around, Punggol and Sengkang residents deserve better.

It took NLB ten years to equip Sengkang Library with proper seats, though few but it’s a good start.

Just pray that NLB doesn’t take another ten years to place more seats around the library.


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  1. Does it had a Wifi channel name NLBPUB to login to the newspaper resource and search for old news info (Full access)?
    some of the staff don’t even know about that. and those who know only know a very very little of it.

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