DBS ATM thefts: crime waiting to happen

What’s Singapore coming to many of my friends ask.

Now hogging the news is the great DBS ATM fraud coming on the heels of the MRT breakdowns, Orchard Road floods (or is it ponding as PUB would like us to believe?), debate over the incredible ministerial and presidential salaries, the escape of terrorist mastermind Mas Selamat just to name a few.

Technology experts have slammed ATM card technology as old and vulnerable to skimming. And don’t tell me the banking industry, the regulator MAS and the government are not aware of this?

The question that naturally arises is why didn’t they take any pre-emptive action to thwart fraudsters? One would have expected all these top officials earning fat salaries to have figured out how to be not one step but at least two or three steps ahead of the crooks.

I can’t help coming to the conclusion that they have simply been complacent.

Inconvenience is a great understatement to describe the panic and anxiety DBS and POSB customers went through with long queues at the banks and ATMs updating their passbooks, even at 1 AM.

With everyone concerned asleep at the controls, it was a crime waiting to happen. No surprise there isn’t it?

The public must not make the assumptions that these people are doing their job. It’s your money, safety and security that is at stake.

Maybe we need whistle-blowers.


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