Additional Transfer Fee: now then scrapped?


After more than 40 years this government has finally decided to
scrap the unfair 2% Additional transfer fee for used cars. For years the motoring industry had urged the government to scrap it but was brushed aside.

Given its greedy nature to squeeze as much money as possible from the public, this was hardly surprising.

Why should a simple transaction in effecting a change of car ownership cost the public hundreds, even thousands of dollars?

A $50,000 used car for example would net the government $1000 in transfer fee.

Now the government says this fee is no longer necessary.

This reminds me of the radio and TV licence fees which the government decided to abolish only after 40 years.

Remember we had to pay a radio licence if we had a car radio? A TV licence covered the radio in your house even if you had a dozen of them but not the car radio.

Why couldn’t a TV licence cover a car radio as well? No, a car was a separate vessel the government countered.

When it comes to squeezing every cent out of us, this greedy government can conjure up creative excuses.

When Malaysia imposed the Causeway toll, LTA matched them. Why? To this day, LTA hasnt given the motoring public a convincing reason for the exit tax.

Now another hike, up to
five times, in the Causeway toll looms and unsurprisingly LTA has declared that it’d match the Malaysian side.


At least the Malaysian side has an excuse even if it’s unfair to motorists who don’t use the new expressway leading to the North- South Highway.

Fees, taxes and levies must be regularly reviewed for relevance and fairness as their cumulative impact can cause a substantial increase in the cost of living.

Any prospect of the government scrapping the exit toll at the Woodlands Checkpoint?


In 40 years’ time?


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  2. But…they scrapped estate duty tax in less than 40 yrs leh

    • coz got gaming tax to tiap mahh.. u think they soo kind scrap estate duty without backup mehh?? scrap all the estate tax to entice rich ppl to come.. then hook them on gambling then i whack them on gaming tax… dun even need to wait for you to die i already start to suck you dry… song boh?? gaming tax will make estate tax look like pi sai… u know??

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